Young People in Vietnam Singing “Choose to Be a Living Overcomer” 越南青少年歌唱“选择作得胜者”


Young people in Vietnam singing “Choose to be a living overcomer” – via Tuan Le

In Revelation chapter 14 we have a thousand of twelve multiplied by twelve, a thousand times completion of completions. Twelve times twelve multiplied a thousandfold means maturity upon maturity. This is the significance of the number one hundred forty-four thousand. The one hundred forty-four thousand firstfruits are believers who are for the accomplishment of God’s eternal purpose. In short, the number one hundred forty-four thousand indicates that every living overcomer is a part of the completion of God’s administration in the fulfillment of His economy for eternity. To be a living overcomer is a great matter. To be one of the firstfruits is to be for the completion of God’s administration to fulfill His economy for eternity. (The Conclusion of the New Testament, (Msgs. 415-436) by Witness Lee, Chapter 8)

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